Our custom-made compounds

Our compounds are all developed and manufactured according to our customers’ specific needs based on the finished products they intend to produce.
For our formulations we use exclusively polymers obtained from the most advanced polymerization processes, to which we add additives and compatibilizers to modify and adapt their technical properties in order to:

  • improve the mechanical and thermal properties
  • increase the self-extinguishing properties of the material in compliance with the applicable regulations
  • improve the UV resistance
  • reduce the oxidative degradation
  • modify the electrical properties
  • modify the aesthetic features (color, surface look, brightness, etc.)
  • improve the processability.

We focus on three main product lines: flame retardant compounds, filled compounds and technical compounds.

Flame Retardant Compounds

Diap’s flagship products, flame retardant compounds stand out for the total absence of halogens and the low specific weight.

Our flame retardants have been successfully tested in a variety of applications (electric, electronic, household appliances, piping, fibers, etc.), in compliance with the reference standards. Some of our products are UL94 certified (Yellow Card).


Filled Compounds

A product we have manufactured, since the very beginning, filled compounds are the composites that most characterize Diap’s production.

Fillers are not only mineral and may range from 5% up to a maximum of 40%. The most common application areas of our filled compounds are household appliances, farming, zootechnic and automotive industries.

Technical Compounds

Technical compounds best represent our main idea on how a state-of-the-art compound should be. Thanks to our long-term expertise and constant focus on research and innovation, as well as to the close technical cooperation with leading PP manufacturers and forthcoming customers, we have developed compounds with extremely specific technical features so as to replace technopolymers in many diverse application areas.