The evolution in flame retardant masterbatches

AIPLUS PP is a new flame retardant masterbatch for PP, with higher performance than the traditional flame retardants of the same UL 94 V2 class.

AIPLUS PP is used in the following application areas:

  • injection molding
  • extrusion of pipes (smooth, corrugated and soundproofing) and profiles
  • extrusion of fibers (thread, flock and spunbond) for Non-Woven-fabrics, fabrics, carpets etc.

AIPLUS PP, in accordance with the main EU directives, is free from PBB and PBDE. Its formula, which has won the company a national and international patent has the following benefits for the final product user:

  • delaying the ignition start
  • reducing the flame time
  • minimicing the damaged quantity and surface
  • reducing the emission of fumes
  • suppressing the formation of noxious, toxic, corrosive and blackening fumes
  • eliminating blooming
  • optimizing the cost-efficiency ratio.

Thanks to its flame retardancy properties, the absence of toxic and dangerous substances and the cost/performance ratio, it is one of the highest quality Flame Retardants in the market.

The particular composition of AIPLUS grants an excellent flame retardancy performance to the finished products.

AIPLUS PP complies with the main flame retardancy regulations such as UL94-V2, IEC 61-50-92 (EN 60335-1-2-31) and with the European directives 2002/95/EC; 2002/72/EC and 2000/53/EC.

Thanks to its polyolefinic base (homopolymer, copolymer), it boasts a wide range of physical, mechanical, thermal and chemical features; furthermore, it can be supplied natural and colored (RAL or sample).

AIPLUS in a nutshell:

  • low specific weight
  • halogen free
  • excellent thermal stability
  • excellent processability
  • optimal dispersion
  • no corrosion.

It can be processed in all types of machines (dosing units, presses, extruders, etc.) generally used for transforming PP, without the typical processability and corrosion problems often characterizing traditional flame retardants. It is produced in granular form, easy to use and handle, with no dispersion of powders in the environment.

AIPLUS PP is not hygroscopic and therefore does not need drying before use. It can be stored without any particular precautions. It is normally packed in 25-kg bags and, on request, in Big Bags.